Geoarchaeology of St. Catherines Island, Georgia.

Gale A. Bishop, Harold B. Rollins, and David Hurst Thomas

Collaborative research on St. Catherines Island centered around geology and archaeology is brought forward to the scientific world in this open-access volume of the AMNH Anthropological Papers in full color, as a whole book or as separate chapters, describing the interface between the scientific programs on St. Catherines Island in 17 separate topical chapters.

Date published: 2011

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St. Catherines: an island in time.

David Hurst Thomas

St. Catherines is the story of how a team of archaeologists found the lost 16th-century Spanish mission of Santa Catalina de Guale on the coastal Georgia island now known as St. Catherines. The discovery of Mission Santa Catalina has contributed significantly to knowledge about early inhabitants of the island and about the Spanish presence in Georgia nearly two centuries before the arrival of British colonists.

Date published: 2008, reprinted 2011

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The beads of St. Catherines Island

Elliot H. Blair, Lorann S. A. Pendleton, Peter Francis Jr.

This volume examines the almost 70,000 individual beads recovered during extensive archaeological excavations on St. Catherines Island primarily from Mission Santa Catalina de Guale. Founded in the 16th century, this site was the capital and administrative center of the province of Guale in Spanish Florida for the better part of a century.

Date published: 2009

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Field Geology Education: Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches

Steven J. Whitmeyer,David W. Mogk, and Eric J. Pyle

This book contains a vivid description of the St. Catherines Island Sea Turtle Program and its evolution from field geology as taught in Georgia Southern University’s Department of Geology and Geography.

Date published: 2009

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Native American landscapes of St. Catherines Island, Georgia

David Hurst Thomas

Four deceptively simple questions have guided our long-term research into the aboriginal lifeways of St. Catherines Island: 1. How and why did the human landscape (settlement patterns and land use) change through time? 2. To what extent were subsistence and settlement patterns shaped by human population increase, intensification, and competition for resources? 3. What factors can account for the emergence of social inequality in Georgia’s Sea Islands? 4. Can systematically collected archaeological evidence resolve the conflicting ethno-historic interpretations of the aboriginal Georgia coast (the so-called “Guale problem”)?

Date published: 2008

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 St. Catherines Island: The Story of People and Place

George J.Armelagos,  John T Woods, Jr.

This book by Emory University anthropologistGeorge J.Armelagos introduces the Georgia barrier island and uncovers its rich history.

Date published: 2012

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