Associate Professor of Geology – Georgia Southern University

Kelly Vance is a Kentucky native who grew up working on a family farm and attended the University of Kentucky earning a BS in geology in 1978 and an MS in geology in 1984. Vance’s research experience during his undergraduate and graduate education — and his work as a geologist with the Institute for Mining and Minerals Research (1981—1982) included Department of Education sponsored geochemical and field investigations of Devonian oil shales. His Master’s thesis and Ph.D. dissertation research focused on petrology, geochemistry and the tectonic-metallogenic evolution of Proterozoic igneous rocks in Colorado and Arizona culminating in a Ph.D. from New Mexico Tech in 1989. Vance’s college-level teaching experience includes early experience as an Instructor at the University of Kentucky (1981) a temporary position as lecturer at Appalachian State in North Carolina (1986—1988) and a summer Instructor at Mayland Community College, North Carolina (1988) before coming to Georgia Southern University where he has been employed since 1988.

Vance teaches environmental geology, mineralogy, petrology, and economic geology. He also co-teaches the sea turtle natural history and barrier island environmental geology summer field courses on St. Catherines Island with Gale Bishop and has served as co-director of the St. Catherines Island Sea Turtle Program with Bishop since 2013. Vance is actively involved in sea turtle habitat research and stratigraphic, geophysical and hydrologic investigations of St. Catherines Island. He serves on the Geology and Public Policy Committee of the Geological Society of America as Southeastern Section Representative.

Selected Publications

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Meyer, B. K., Vance, R. K. and Bishop, G. A., 2014, Rising Sea – Addressing Eroding Habitats on St. Catherines Island, Georgia (U.S.A.), SWOT- The State of The World’s Sea Turtles, report Vol. 9, p. 18-19

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